MasterCard Start Path extends application deadline

Deadline of registration for the MasterCard Start Path Programme has been extended to Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

A statement by the firm disclosed that additional applications would be received from qualifying late-stage start-ups, marking the perfect opportunity for the fast-growing pool of African fintech talent to benefit from the mentorship and knowledge-sharing that Start Path offers. This comes as MasterCard announced the latest wave of start-ups joining its global Start Path programme at the Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark. The initiative is open to fintech and tech start-ups from Africa and across the world who are shaping commerce by rethinking banking and payments and who are well established already, having raised a significant seed or Series A round of investment. During the six-month virtual programme, Start Path provides these selected start-ups with the operational support and mentorship they need to develop the next generation of commerce solutions and grow the footprint of their operations.

Start-ups accepted to the programme benefit from the knowledge of a global network of MasterCard experts, access to its customers and partners, and the ability to innovate on top of company’s solutions. To date, one African start-up has been selected to the programme and has since partnered with MasterCard to introduce a game-changing e-commerce solution for developing markets plagued by cash: NetPlus benefited from knowledge-sharing and mentorship sessions in New York, London and Singapore where NetPlus met with other start-ups and MasterCard customers. Building on the experience, NetPlus then partnered with MasterCard to develop an e-commerce solution that overcomes the challenge of payments still being made in cash at the point of delivery by allowing customers to pre-authorise the payment when placing their order online – with payment only being released once the customer has confirmed their satisfaction on delivery. This has advantages for both merchants and customers.

According to organisers of the scheme, focus is being placed on Africa to ensure the continent is well represented, with start-ups from all corners of Africa encouraged to submit their application. This was echoed by the Vice President of MasterCard Start Path, Amy Neale, who said, “African fintech start-ups are bringing fresh thinking to an increasingly connected commerce industry that relies on enhancing customer choice and experience to survive in the competitive and fast-paced digital age.” “The NetPlus and MasterCard collaboration to launch a ground-breaking e-commerce solution proves that there is world-class talent on the continent and that start-ups are contributing significantly to the development of Africa – with programmes like Start Path serving as a springboard to greater growth by enabling these companies to receive exposure they wouldn’t otherwise get,” Neale added. The programme is open to start-ups who meet the following criteria: solution live in market; established and experienced team; targeting sizeable market opportunity; demonstrable advantage over competitors; and seed or Series A investment recently secured.

Interested start-ups can visit for additional information and to submit an application.