LAWMA employs 30,000 in two years

Thirty thousand people have been employed by the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) in two years, it was learnt yesterday.


Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources Tunji Bello said this during a news conference to mark Governor Sanwo-Olu’s second year in office. He said: “LAWMA, during the period under review, employed over 30,000 persons and increased the number of daily trips to landfills from 357 to 850 the average.

“We also witnessed growth of Public Sector Participants (PSPs) from 350 to 437 (87 new PSP companies). The period has also seen the acquisition of 210 new compactors by the PSPs, who have also employed over 8,200 people.

“There is also a potential of 6,000 new jobs in recycling but currently averaging 4,000 for the formal and informal sections. Nine hundred and fifty persons were hired under our waste monitoring and policing, and another 350 as street captains.

“Other employed are 300 (marine waste), 14,010 street sweepers and another 3,500 under as highway managers. Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has also installed a medical/health care waste treatment plant at its Agege Transfer Loading Station.”

Bello said contracts have been awarded for the building of drainage channels at 47 strategic locations.