Become the Mother of Dragons in the New MEY for Game of Thrones Collection

Game of Thrones is a sartorial goldmine, and one of our favorite characters just had a collection designed after her. Emmy-winning Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton has partnered with Eliza Higginbottom and Yunus Ascott from MEY Designs to create a jewelry line based on the dragon pieces worn by Daenerys Targaryen.

The collection, MEY for Game of Thrones, launches June 30 and will include 22 different pieces, four of which are hero pieces worn by the Mother of Dragons in seasons five and six of the series.

“I sketched up some ideas for the jewelry and when we looked at developing these both of my assistants suggested working with Yunus and Eliza,” Michele said in a press release. “On our first meeting we realized that it was a perfect fit that we work together. Our sensibilities were very similar, and we’re very excited to be able to take this partnership from the screen and bring it to life for fans who want to channel their inner Khaleesi.”

Higginbottom and Ascott have worked with some of the more renowned film and television production companies around the world, and until now, their sculptural designs were only ever worn by the stars of the screen. This is the first time that designs from all three of these artisans will be available to own. Pieces will be will be available online and priced from $100 to $2,700.

Marissa Stempien