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Belinda Effah Says Celebrities Promote Fake Lifestyle

Belinda Effah Says Celebrities Promote Fake Lifestyle

Nigerian actress, Belinda Effah has revealed that she is not comfortable with the fake lifestyle of several celebrities in the country. According to the actress, they are living a facade.

Belinda Effah Says Celebrities Promote Fake Lifestyle On The Social Media

During a recent interview, she mentioned that celebrities are appalling with the excess exhibition of affluence. The actress said; “The things I see posted on social media by my colleagues are appalling. It is sad because they are not representing the industry well to the society.

I know how much some people make, yet the lifestyle they portray is way above their means. For those people, I’ll like to know how they made it so that others can learn from them. But if you cannot explain your source of income, you shouldn’t mislead others.

If you’re portraying a lavish lifestyle on social media, people would naturally believe that you are okay. And when issues such as health crisis occur, they would be reluctant to come to your aid.”

Speaking further during the interview, Belinda disagreed with the opinion that actresses earn more than their male counterparts. The actress said, “I don’t think that actresses make more than their male colleagues.

It has to do more about the class you fall into, how you present yourself, and how well you can negotiate.Many actresses that appear to have so much on social media are only putting up a facade.

I’m not trying to bring anybody down but I can only speak for myself. I always advise my colleagues to be true models, so that if your kids are looking up to someone like you, you can be okay with it. If you think that what you are showing on social media is right, then you can continue,”.

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