Blackface is suing Wizkid and Banky W for copyright infringement.

Blackface naija has filed a case of copyright theft against the  duo of Wizkid and Banky W for allegedly  stealing his song.

The case is for the copyright infringement of his song, ‘Like The Way’, which he claims was replicated by Wizkid on ‘Slow Whine’ off his Superstar album.

In an Instagram post shared by Blackface late Thursday, August 16, he made available a lawsuit filed by himself as the Plaintiff with Empire Mates Entertainment LimitedStarboy Entertainment Limited, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun [A.K.A Wizkid] and Olubankole Wellington [A.K.A Banky W] as defendants.

In a related post, he shared both songs and stated his reasons for the lawsuit.

”I have remained quiet while my name has been dragged in the mud the past few years.

Some of Nigeria’s biggest artists have infringed on my copyrights but I always restricted myself to speaking out against this in the media.

Maybe because I always felt that music is an art and not really a business where you bring in lawyers and all that.”

Pulse reached out to Blackface Naija and in an exclusive interview he explains how he tried to reach out personally to Wizkid, but he got unfollowed by the Starboy.

On why it has taken him seven years to see the need to take this to court

”There is no wrong time to do the right thing, so if someone violates me for 15 years and I don’t have the voice and I decided to come out when I can, is it wrong?

The thing was when I made this complaint, people said I was joking, and I thought like Banky W and Wizkid will deem it fit to be able to get in touch with me and says lets resolve the matter, but they didn’t.” he says.

Asked if he ever reached out to Wikkid or Banky W directly

”Yes, I reached out them, I reached out to Wizkid and I told him I wasn’t mad at him for doing my song, that he should reach out to me, so we can see and discuss, but he unfollowed me immediately on Twitter.

They didn’t reach out to me before doing the song, because the song is in my album, Dancehall Business released in 2010, so If I release the song in 2010 and in 2011, they are singing something similar to that, which means they must have bought my CD, but nobody wants to talk about that.

So that is the thing, these people trying to spoil the way this industry was built.”

He however stated that he is not doing this for the money, but the need for things to be done right.

”The thing is, it is not about money, but I should leave this industry better than I met it. I can’t come to an industry where people just feel it is okay to take people’s music and not give credit or give recognition.

It is a bad thing in our industry, he makes the youth feel they can do anything they want.”

It will be recalled that in July, Blackface himself was dragged to court by his ex-Plantashun Boiz member, 2face Idibia and his manager, Efe Omorogbe for what they claim was defamation of character.

Pulse also reached out to Banky W, but we are yet to get any response.