Churchy People, Listen! Episode 01

You are welcome to the first series of this piece: Churchy People Listen!, in such a time like this when a particular set of folks stay by the confines of whatever they believe, failing to explore and understand as they condemn a range of cultures which has the same strength to shape the same life they live.

These sets fail to listen and abandon what is good enough to lay solid structures and foundations for both their lives and generations. Not so good as they condemn great cultures like amazing record collections alongside clips, which could portray cultures that our generations could adopt; but for the sake of what the majority believe, however, it is why this series is put together to make you listen and find that purpose these set of cultures juxtapose with your reality.

Think deep, you’d find out a form of relegating culture which is based on how the majority, poorly understand how this culture could inspire us to breed noble lessons for both ourselves and our generations to learn.

Well, if you listen to some records you would discover something to learn from and add to what you understand about life in general. Life is practical as so many of these records speak and teach that to some extent. Creators like Burna Boy, Fela Kuti inclusively, alongside 2face, etc.

However, these set of religious folks don’t usually care in that manner, they only care more about condemning people from listening to such records; because it regards whatever they believe in even as they put themselves in that state where it becomes parallel to their so-called religious lifestyle.

It is not because they can’t listen but because they fail to understand what some of these creators are saying specifically and even if they do, they disregard those words and call them whatever they feel like. Well, that is not enough not to embrace such cultures and love them for what they deliver, because such perception is not currently what aligns in our society, you need to listen, carefully. Although some creators are corrupt, then it doesn’t spoil other good creations out there even from great western creators too?

Even a range of African creators alongside, Angelique Kidjo as well, some of these creators try to expose us through the trails of reality through their artistry and we end up relegating them. I’m joyous because a few set of people out there also understands this and perceive these creators as core inspiration to guide them through their specific careers which they definitely would become examples to others coming. Churchy people, Listen!