MC Galaxy apologies for his actions on Instagram

The music star MC Galaxy took to his Instagram page on Friday, March 8, 2019, where he shared a live post of a lady who goes nude.

MC Galaxy has come out to defend himself after he was dragged on Instagram by Toyin Aimakhu for promoting nudity of women on his page.

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According to him, he only sent a request to fans who were talented to send in videos of themselves dancing, singing and rapping. He went on to reveal how he got a video call from a lady who was without clothes on. Even though he initially put down the video, MC Galaxy said the pressure from followers to include the video among the entries made him add the video.

He went to reveal that he wasn’t the one who declared her as the winner, rather it was his friend who did and promised a 50k price for her. Finally, MC Galaxy apologized if his actions have been misinterpreted and said it is a well-known fact that he has the utmost respect for women and wouldn’t do that to compromise it. MC Galaxy’s comments are coming barely a day after Toyin Aimakhu had dragged him on Instagram for promoting nudity on his Instagram page.

Toyin Abraham has told singer MC Galaxy to lead with good examples as opposed to asking girls to reveal their bodies for a sum of N50,000.  The actress shared in a post on Instagram on Sunday, March 10, 2019, her disapproval over several pictures of young women MC Galaxy has been using for a social media campaign mostly asking “if this fine girl were to be a type of soup, what soup would that be ?????

According to Toyin Abraham, such posts are helping the negative notion that a way for women to get by is to sell their bodies. “Dear MC Galaxy, what you did asking girls to go naked for 50k is despicable, debasing, and bad in every way.