Toke Makinwa talks about openness in relationships

Toke Makinwa talks about openness in relationships particularly about love for money

Toke Makinwa giving us some dose of her relationship desires, her sole wish right now is to fall deeply in love. The media personality made this known via her Instagram page. In her post, she prayed not just to fall in love but achieve other set goal

Alongside a male guest, the radio presenter touched on why there is a high frequency of breakups.

The pair analysed during their discussion about a need for communication. This can ensure there is an understanding about shared goals between partners.“If you are a money person, there is nothing wrong with liking money. Anybody with you needs to understand that.“I am not talking about girls that are doing nothing and are waiting for a man to walk into their lives and upgrade them. That is totally wrong!

“When you see a woman who has her sh*t together. Who is working each day to make herself better. If she is on a hustle, if you cannot add to that hustle, my brother leave her alone.“Forget this talk of gold digger. She likes money too much. Is it not money she is using to maintain herself?,” the OAP makes a submission of the show.

We feel like Toke Makinwa is an unapologetic romantic and she is not shy to say it. She’s always quick to say the kind of things she desires in life and kind of find it really genuine and cool.