Arsene Wenger to stay at Arsenal for four more years

Arsene Wenger has denied that his recent admission he could be managing a team other than Arsenal next season is a threat and has insisted that his “first preference” is to remain at the club for a 22nd season.

In the wake of Arsenal’s emphatic 5-1 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich, Wenger was forced to concede that he is considering his future and claimed that he will announce whether he will sign an end of season contract extension “in March or April”.

Wenger, 67, revealed on Friday he will NOT be retiring from football for good at the end of this season even if he leaves Arsenal.

Wenger, in his 21st year at the Arsenal helm, said: “My preference is always to manage Arsenal and I have shown that throughout my time here. But I am adult enough to analyse the situation.

He ruled out joining ex-Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson on the lucrative lecture-speaker circuit any time soon.

“Ferguson has some other interests in life and he was older when he left United than I am today. He retired at 71, I’m only 67,” explained Wenger, whose current Arsenal deal ends in June.

“Maybe I can do more than four more years, maybe less. I don’t know. Everybody is different on that front.

“Fergie was an absolutely unbelievable manager but he’d had enough. I’m not at that stage.”