British PM May under pressure to resign

British Prime Minister (PM), Theresa May, is not considering resigning, Sky news reported on Thursday, citing her Downing Street office. “Downing Street: Resignation is not an issue,” Sky News said on its screen.

A spokesman for PM May did not comment on the report. A spokesman for the Conservative Party also did not comment. May’s bid to reassert her dwindling authority was ruined on Wednesday when her keynote speech was interrupted by repeated coughing fits, a prankster, and even letters of her slogan falling off the set behind her.

Also Britain’s ruling Conservative Party must remain “cool-headed”, Business Minister, Greg Clark, said, after a speech by May at their annual conference was ruined by a prankster.

The BBC reported that while ministers were rallying around the beleaguered May and praising her “guts and grace” in persisting with the hour-long speech in spite the mishaps, some Conservative members of parliament were discussing amongst themselves whether to ask her to resign.

Clark said: “The view of the party, both parliamentary colleagues and activists, is that they regard, correctly, the responsibility of the Conservative Party to be effective and cool-headed in government.”