The PCRC of Ogun State expresses fear over today’s youths

The Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) in Ogun State has expressed fear that criminals might end up being Nigeria’s President and Senators if nothing was done to curb the excesses of modern day youths


The Chairman of the PCRC in Ogun, Chief Samson Popoola, said this in an interview in Abeokuta, the State capital.

According to Popoola, youths were no longer interested in being among the best right from their secondary schools.

He lamented that the secondary schools had now become a jungle “where those that are recognised are the cultists, those who can fight with knives, those who can bring ammunition to school and their likes.”

Popoola expressed concern, saying: “If we are not careful, our generation will be blamed for whatever happens in future. Our fathers bequeathed a nation of love where hard work pays to us. I wonder what we are giving to our children.

“In the next 10 or 20 years, if we are not careful, we will have a cultist as our president. If we are not careful, we would have cultists in the Senate of this country. We would have armed robbers in our legislative houses. This we must not allow to happen to us and we have to keep educating the next generation to make sure this country remains one indivisible entity.”

The PCRC leader maintained that the new generation of youths want to make money without going through the normal process.

“The generation coming after us, their mindset is geared towards making it without having to go through the normal process. A lot of them are looking for money, positions and posts. And they go all out seeking for these things taking drugs, going into criminalities.

“If we don’t check it now and they take over, you will find out that we will have on our hands Somalia, we will have on our hands all these South American countries where cannabis and gangsterism are the other of the day,” he added.

He called on Nigerian leaders and parents to rise to the occasion so as to prevent the worst from happening.

“We have to rescue as many as we can now to make sure this country remains very secure and to have people that we can vouch for in the future,” he submitted.