Police accused of seeking to detain #EndSARS frontliner Eromosele Adene, secretly approach a magistrate without his lawyer’s consent

Policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department have been accused of seeking to remand #EndSARS frontliner Eromosele Adene for an extra 30 days, in an application it filed before a Yaba Magistrate Court in Lagos on Monday November 16.

The police who brought him back to Lagos after initially moving him to Abuja for interrogation, secretly approached Magistrate O.A Salau, without the consent of his lawyer and applied for a remand order to detain him for an extra 30 days.

Eromosele’s lawyer, Mr. Tunde Jinadu, who was at the SCID was told by policemen that his client was no longer in custody. He was however notified by concerned persons about what the police were up to.

He said;

“We were not served. We were not called that he was being brought to SCID. An ACP told me they didn’t know where he was. This sharp practice of the police needs to stop. They just wanted to shut us out. That was how they flew him to Abuja last week without my knowledge.

“Luckily, some good people informed me that he (Eromosele) had been taken to a magistrate court. Thank God I have a car. I was able to quickly arrive at the court.”

Upon arriving the court, it was learnt that the policemen were shocked and wondered how the lawyer was able to get information of what was happening.

Jinadu added;

“The police asked the magistrate for an order to remand him for 30 days despite the fact that he had already spent 12 days in their custody.

“We tendered a medical report from Eko Hospital as regards the liver complication and immune system and we made an oral application for bail.  And we notified the magistrate that he (Eromosele) had been moved from one detention facility to the other and one state to the other.”

The magistrate subsequently fixed the ruling for Tuesday November 17.