Tension In Debt Management Office Over Tenure Extension

There seems to be uneasiness among the staff of the Debt Management of (DMO) as its director-general, Dr Abraham Nwankwo, is allegedly scheming for tenure extension after completing the statutory two tenures of five years each.

A senior official in the parastatal who disclosed this on the ground of anonymity, said that many member sof staff were not happy with the development, saying it was against the spirit of change and due process which characterised the Buhari administration. The official specifically referred to Section 9 of the Debt Management Office (Establishment) Act,2003 (Appendix 1b), which stipulates that: “The Director-General shall hold office for a period of 5 years in the first instance and may be re-appointed for another term of 5 years and no more.”

According to the official, Dr Abraham Nwankwo was appointed as the director-general of the DMO on 1stJuly,2007 and he has served without interruption since then.

“We understand that the director-general is scheming very hard now to extend his tenure of office by convincing those in authority that he is the only man that can do the job very well. We wish to state clearly that any extension of the DG’s tenure of office would constitute not just breach of the extant law establishing the DMO, but would serve as a bad precedent,” the official said.

The official argued that since the extant law establishing the DMO does not envisage tenure extension, Managemnet and Staff of the Office are against extension of tenure by the DG. When asked why members of staff of the DMO were against the tenure extension, the source said that extending the DG’s tenure would further demoralise them. He specifically noted that the DG did little or nothing to spearhead the implementation of an enhanced remuneration package for the DMO staff which had since been approved by the DMO Supervisory Board headed by the vice-president over the years, and it was therefore halted. He emphasised that many members of staff who are worried about the alleged tenure extension are of the opinion that Dr Abraham Nwankwo makes no indispensable personal difference in the operations of the DMO.

“They therefore debunk the claim that his absence will affect the procurement of the proposed USD 30 billion infrastructure loan by the Federal Government.The DMO has the capacity, not only to procure the proposed loan, but to deliver on its mandate as an Agency with competent professionals.”