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9th Africa Carbon Forum, Cotonou, Benin, 28 – 30 June 2017

The 9th Africa Carbon Forum (ACF) will focus on how engagement between State and non-State actors can be further strengthened in the key sectors for Africa (energy, agriculture and human settlements), including the role of future carbon markets to achieve enhanced climate action, towards the goals of sustainable development.

The event will cover:

Practical examples of policies, initiatives and actions in Africa;
Barriers and enabling measures for engaging climate action in key sectors;
Financial instruments and regulatory frameworks;
Advancing the implementation of climate action and more.

With a comprehensive programme of plenary sessions, workshops, a ministerial section, side events and exhibits, this is a one of a kind event in the region. The ACF is a great opportunity for financiers, policymakers and project developers to share experiences, network and build capacity.

Over the past decade the ACF has provided a unique platform for Africa to engage on climate change issues in the region. The Forum brings together key stakeholders from the public sector and other non-Party actors from Africa and beyond. It witnesses the participation of key multilateral and bilateral development institutions and experts to discuss urgent actions needed on the ground and share experience and build capacity for implementation of actions.

Meet us in Cotonou to learn, share and connect at ACF 2017. Registration is open at