Nigerian Newspapers Headlines (1st August,2019)

Nigerian Newspapers Headlines (1st August,2019)

President Buhari announced yesterday that the military will be deploying drones and CCTV to monitor and help solve the security challenges in the country.


Punch Newspaper: Shi’ites file case against proscription today, suspend protests

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, otherwise known as the Shi’ite group, will on Thursday (today) file a suit at the Federal High Court, Abuja, to challenge its proscription by the Federal Government. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr Femi Falana (SAN), who has been defending the group’s leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, and many of his followers in court since 2016, confirmed this to one of our correspondents on Wednesday shortly after the group announced its decision to suspend its street protests that had been turning violent lately. The group’s spokesman, Ibrahim Musa, had in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja, said the decision to suspend street protests being used to call for the release of El-Zakzaky; his wife and others, was to give room for “some new openings” into the resolution of the matter, including the court option.

Falana confirmed that some Shi’ites’ leaders had consulted him and instructed his law firm to challenge the proscription order in court. He said the suit would be filed on Thursday before the Federal High Court in Abuja, which issued the order of proscription. He said, “They (referring to the Shi’ites leaders) consulted us and they reached an agreement with us to suspend protests in defiance to the legal action, which they instructed us to take. “I can tell you that the suit will be filed tomorrow (today).” Musa, in the statement, said the suspension of street protests would give room for the proper prosecution of the court case. He said, “The Islamic Movement in Nigeria do hereby announce to the general public and the international community that it has temporarily suspended its Free Zakzaky street protests to allow for some new openings into the resolution of the problems, especially the court case instituted by our lawyers on the proscription order made by the Federal Government this week.

“It has taken this step in good faith out of respect for some eminent people and groups, whose input in the resolution of the problems appears genuine and we sincerely hope an amicable way could be found to solve the crises surrounding the illegal detention of our leader for almost four years now. “If at all any protest occurs anywhere in the country, it might be this notice hasn’t reached those in the field or this message is misunderstood or it is some security agents who are mischievously behind it as they have been doing in an attempt to smear our image and be seen as unruly people rather than as victims of savage oppression since 2015. “The Islamic Movement wishes to thank both national and international civil rights activists and organisations who have been busy demanding the protection of our fundamental human rights as enshrined in the constitution. “We also thank the press, both national and international, and the social media activists for the full coverage of our activities throughout the struggle for justice.

“We are committed to exploring the new openings we have seen in resolving this protracted issue. “We, therefore, reiterate our demand that our leader, his wife, and several others in detention be given their freedom denied them since 2015.” Saturday PUNCH had reported exclusively that the Federal Government obtained the ex parte order on the proscription of the group on Friday, about three days after a bloody clash between members of the group and police in Abuja claimed the lives of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations, Federal Capital Territory Command, Usman Umar, and a Channels TV journalist, Precious Owolabi. Justice Nkeonye Maha in her ruling on Friday ordered the proscription of the organisation. The judge also designated the activities of the sect in any part of Nigeria “as acts of terrorism and illegality.” The judge also ordered the Federal Government to publish the order in its gazette and in two national dailies.

The newspaper publication in two dailies has since been done while the order was published in the gazette on Monday. A copy of the gazette seen by The PUNCH on Tuesday, described it as “Government Notice No. 79.” The IMN decision to suspend protests and challenge its proscription in court came a day after the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, ordered the arrest of the members of the sect and their leaders nationwide. Adamu had stated that the Shi’ites would be treated like terrorists and Nigeria’s enemies and prosecuted under the Terrorism Act, including anyone associating with them in any way that could advance their activities in the country.


Guardian Newspaper: FG may empower South West rulers in fresh move against insecurity

President Muhammadu Buhari met with southwest traditional rulers yesterday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja amid ongoing moves to contain insecurity in the country. The royal fathers were led by Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. Also in attendance was Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu. The Ooni told reporters after the meeting: “We met with the Number One citizen of the country. He has listened to every of the issues we have been having and proffered solutions. Today, the inspector general of police was present and the entire security architecture will be restructured. We are very happy about that.” He explained the outcome further, saying: “We were also told about community policing. Policemen will be recruited from the community; those that were born there and brought up there. They won’t be able to move them around. We can use that strategy to avert a lot of tension going around the southwest particularly now. We were able to achieve that milestone.

“Another milestone is that Mr. President will fast-track very rapid monitoring of our forests by using technology of modern standard, drones. The various security agencies will rally round the IGP and see how it can be properly deployed. Another thing is that they will install CCTV along our highways. The IGP said they are very aggressive about clearing our highways now. “We believe that with all these, there will be reduction in the tension in the southwest because the southwest is very sensitive in Nigeria. We don’t pray for crisis or war or uprising because it will snowball into a lot of things. “That is why we are all represented from the six states that make up southwest Nigeria. We thank God that Mr. President is listening. So far so good, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.” Asked if the monitoring of the CCTV was factored into the discussion, the monarch replied: “Absolutely! This time around, it is a fruitful interactive session. It is not the normal ‘let’s talk the talk.’ We are ‘talking the walk’ and we are going to ‘walk the talk.’

“This is because we, as traditional rulers, know our people. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly. That is why the government is taking it to another level by involving us directly on how to implement their initiatives. “If they want to start community policing and they give it to politicians, it is not going to work, per se. That is why they are involving us because we know the people that are born within our communities. We know how to recommend them for this kind of employment. We know the good ones that will be willing to serve their community. By so doing, we will have crime reduction in our communities, because each community is peculiar. “What government is doing now is a different ball game entirely in Nigeria. It’s never been done before. So, we should all work, cooperate with the government, and see how they will implement them. “The problem has been if you take police officers to the north, within six months they will shift them to another place in the south. They are not domiciled there, and so any time they get there, they depend on the vigilantes, community heads, the Mogagis, the Baales, and all the districts heads. So, why can’t you give the jobs to the families of the Mogagis, the Baales, and all the districts heads? It is a different rejigging. I can assure you the government is very serious now.”

On calls for the Fulani to leave southwest, the Ooni said: “It was because of the tension but this time around, the traditional rulers have arrived at a resolution to ensure that will not happen. It is the bad ones that should be focused on. We all live in Nigeria. It is the bad ones that have come in from different borders that are porous. Those are the ones we will focus on, to separate the corn from the wheat. “We are saying the bad ones should leave. The bad ones can never stay. Even Mr. President is with us on that. Even the Fulani clan does not want the bad ones to spoil their name. So many people are hiding under Fulani to do evil, so the bad ones must go.” The meeting was ongoing as at press time. Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah Jubril, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has urged the Federal Government to adopt preventive measures in the fight against insecurity in the country. “The best way to fight insecurity is to prevent it,” she said, also urging the African Union to establish an ethics and values committee to curb the problem especially in West Africa. Jubril stated this yesterday at the Pre-Glisa Canada 2019 press conference in Abuja, where she regretted that a lack of ethics and values in Nigeria was robbing the nation of peace and a vibrant economy.


Sun Newspaper: FG to deploy drones, CCTVs in forests, highways

President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday,  announced a renewed determination to totally crackdown on criminals as he unveiled plans to rejig the country’s security apparatus. He said arrangements were ongoing to employ multi-pronged measures, including deployment of technology to boost security of lives and properties in the geopolitical zone. Part of the plan, he said, was the recent promotion in the army.

The president spoke when he received the Ooni of Ife,  Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who led a delegation of Yoruba Obas to the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday. He told the rulers that already he had directed a reshuffle in the army where Lamidi Adeosun was promoted to lieutenant general and deployed as the army’s Chief of Policy and Plans.

The government, he announced, will continue to carry out changes in the army, where necessary, so as to boost the morale of the troops engaged in various security assignments across the country. “I believe you are aware that there is a reshuffle in the Army, including the promotion and deployment of Lt.-Gen. Lamidi Adeosun as the Nigerian Army’s Chief of Policy and Plans. “This is done in order to reinvigorate and re-energise our troops to do more. “There will be further reviews where necessary for maximum performance,’’ he said.

He said government will equally continue to bring in the military when needed to complement the work of the police including the possible deployment of troops on certain highways on a temporary basis. He stated that the government would also encourage the use of the Air Force assets to bomb hideouts where criminals are located.

While admitting that these measures were inter-related and have to be well-coordinated, he stressed that “the speedy implementation of community policing will facilitate a more effective collection of intelligence.

Also in his verified twitter handle @MBuhari, he said while drones will be deployed to fast-track the monitoring of the forests, CCTVs will be mounted along highways to monitor security activities in the region. The president wrote: “We are expediting commencement of our community policing initiative, and revamping police intelligence gathering capacity.” “Our community Policing reform means we will be boosting the numbers of security personnel — and very importantly recruiting police officers from their Local Government Areas (LGAs), and stationing them there.” “I will be issuing directives to the appropriate federal authorities to speedily approve licensing for states requesting the use of drones to monitor forests and other criminal hideouts.” “We also intend to install CCTVs on highways and other strategic locations so that activities in some of those hidden places can be exposed, more effectively monitored and open to actionable review.” “Working with the state governments, we will equip the police force with advanced technology and equipment to facilitate their work. We will continue to bring in our military when needed to complement the work of the police, including possible deployment of troops on certain highways on a temporary basis, and the use of Nigerian Air Force assets to bomb hideouts where criminals are located.”

“I want to assure all Nigerians that we will enforce the law, prosecute lawbreakers and secure an atmosphere of tranquillity for all Nigerians wherever they choose to live. This is both in our interests as an administration and the interests of the people who voted us into office. We acknowledge the need for security to deliver on our many programmes to the people. Indeed there can be no prosperity if there is no security. This is not only a message of hope but a call to action to all of us as we seek ways to secure our country.”

Ooni of Ife also spoke to State House Correspondents after the meeting. On the call for the Fulanis to leave Southwest, he replied: “Well, it’s because of the tension but this time around the traditional rulers have arrived at a resolution to ensure that will not happen. It is the bad ones that should be focused on. We all live in Nigeria, it’s the bad ones that have come in from different borders that are porous, those are the ones we will focus on to separate the corn from wheat. “We’re staying the bad ones that should leave, the bad ones can never stay, even Mr. President is with us on that. Even the Fulani clan do not want the bad ones to spoil their name. So many people are hiding under Fulanis to do evil now, so the bad ones must go.”