Rivers bank manager in ‘secret’ wedding saga

A Port Harcourt bank manager ’s wife, Blessing Oko Ikpor, has alleged that her husband is under a spell cast by a mistress.

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The mother of four, told newsmen in Port Harcourt that the mistress who is now pregnant conned her husband into abandoning their 17 years marriage. She also said that her husband  who is a current bank manager held a secret traditional wedding with the mistress in a hotel in Umuahia, Abia State where the alleged mistress hails from.

Reacting to the allegation, the bank manager said he has been separated from the estranged wife for over two years and he has in custody, their three boys while the wife has their daughter.

The wife was seen in a viral video fighting with the alleged mistress in the husband’s office before security guards intervened.

He said: “The video about this matter has gone viral in the last two, three weeks and she has also done press statement and sent out, I have refrained from making comments because the matter is in court.

“I am aware that concerned friends and citizens have made response directly on those issues. The fact is that my children are involved in this and try to maintain some level of privacy for my own sake and that of my children.

“I do not think this what I should be stating on the social media at the moment. My first son is 15 and he has told me that he is not happy with what is going on and I should make sure I do not join issue with such, and that is where I stand in this.

” If she knows the appropriate way to do things, I do not think what she us doing is the right thing but she should know that a man in my level is not a mad man to wake up to do all those things.”

He added: “My children are living with me, my three boys are living with me and they have left for school and they are doing very well.

“Whatever petition she is sending to anyone, the truth is that I have seen worse than that on social media, just like I said earlier, I refrained from making comments on this, because I believe it is not the appropriate thing to do.

“We have separated for more than two years now but she still lives with my daughter. I am not going to say anything further on this until all issues are resolved. I do not see this as the best way to go about it, but since she thinks it is for her, I wish her the best.” he concluded.

However, Mrs. Ikpor maintained the matter is not yet in court.